Solo AI

Are you a solo entrepreneur? Too busy to learn AI or read through "the best 500 prompts"? Quickly make your business more efficient with this practical AI tutorial. It even includes an AI tutor.

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RecapIt 👨‍💻📺⏩🤖

Are you tired of wasting time watching long YouTube videos just to get a few pieces of information? RecapIt is here to help. Our AI-powered app summarizes YouTube videos in under 30 seconds, saving you valuable time. Plus, you can chat with the content and get more details on any topic that interests you. RecapIt is the perfect tool for busy people who want to stay informed without sacrificing their time.

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Web3 x AI Directory

This directory lists 50+ Web3/Crypto/Metaverse projects that are integrating AI/Machine Learning technologies into their products or supporting it in another way.

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Productised Subscription Services

Looking for a productised subscription service? We list developers, designers, marketers and more.

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